As COVID-19 continues to impact all of us at work and at home, I’m grateful to be in the “technology business.” It has allowed us to help our clients continue to work despite the challenges brought by the Stay-At-Home Order and more. In our own small way, we’ve been able to help keep our economy going by helping our clients work. I’ve been impressed with the creative application of technology for everything from individual musical performances melded together into incredible harmonies to 3D printing of face shields to protect essential workers.

If COVID-19 wasn’t enough, the racial violence in our country is disheartening. Sadly, racism and discrimination of all types exist on all levels in our country and I, for one, am pleased to see people everywhere acknowledging the issues and moving towards more fair, just and inclusive actions. Perhaps technology can help in our country’s quest to peacefully end racism and discrimination of all types. A wealth of resources is already accessible through the Internet, but I wonder what new and creative uses of technology will be developed to help end discrimination.

In celebration of Juneteenth, I shared with our team an enlightening TED Talk called “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” From COVID-19 to the racial unrest, things certainly are not comfortable; but as we continue to progress, I look forward to a new and better world for all.

First published in our July 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter