COVID-19 and the Stay-At-Home Order has changed the way we work for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, at IT Radix, we regularly plan for working remotely—for some of our team, working remotely is the norm. Each fall, we have everyone test their ability to work remotely in preparation for snow days. Who knew that we’d have to do so for several months this spring? With our team dispersed for quite some time, our challenge has become how to keep us connected socially. Online chat, group conversations, video calls and conferencing, and quite frankly, lots of humor have become key.

We’re using this time to review our processes and improve and update our standards with a goal of even better quality service. We’re watching for new security risks and Internet-based attacks on home-based workers without the benefits of in-office firewalls and other security layers. While we cannot stop them all, we can certainly make our clients aware. We’re brainstorming on ways to help our clients be productive, learn new and better ways of collaborating and more.

Most importantly, we’re helping each other through this time—whether it’s listening to someone’s worries about loved ones in assisted care, providing entertainment for little kids, or sharing yummy food recipes to help pass the time indoors. We’re even celebrating birthdays creatively from afar. I’m very grateful to have a team of wonderful people who have all pulled together during this difficult time, and I look forward to being all together again soon.

First published in our May 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter