As we enter a new norm as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, I’m grateful for the knowledge and technology that we have available today, and I’m sure even more new and wonderful inventions will come out of this experience.

We’ve spent the last few weeks of March assisting our clients getting up and running to work from home while at the same time keeping their security in mind. I can only imagine how things would be different if we did not have the option to leverage technology to enable social distancing and self-isolation. I am so proud of our team and how we handled the influx of support requests from worried and concerned individuals. Quite frankly, we worked our butts off to handle each and every one with our usual positive and helpful approach. I know that we succeeded by the wonderful client feedback that I received so far.

At one point, I stumbled on a fascinating simulator that shows how this approach could dramatically flatten the curve and save lives. If this had been one hundred years earlier, there would have been no flattening the curve; and many would have suffered or died. Now as we settle into the new norm, my team and I will be turning our attention to how we can help our clients be even more productive and give back to our community in some way—either by offering our services to those in need or just simple things like reading a book to a child via Teams to a tired parent who needs a break. Whatever it might be, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Take care and be safe…Cathy

First published in our April 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter