With the release of Microsoft Teams, the world of collaboration between coworkers has been greatly expanded. If you have ever used Microsoft Skype for Business, you know how convenient chatting is when discussing an issue with a co-worker on the phone is not possible. With Microsoft Teams, to think of it only to be used for chatting can be looked at as near sighted.

Microsoft’s vision is that Microsoft Teams will be the backbone to their whole system. When a team is created, users get access to everything that comes with that team. This includes a SharePoint site, chat channels, an Office365 group and any custom apps that are included in the team. The SharePoint site will allow you to share files from anywhere in the world, and any document that is sent through a chat will appear in this SharePoint site.

One of the coolest features of Microsoft Teams is its ability to facilitate meetings. By running a meeting through Teams, staff will be able to see each other wherever they might be as well as share their screen. With an eye on the future, it is exciting to see what Teams will include next.

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First published in our February 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter