IT Radix was honored to be one of the Best Places to Work in NJ in 2019.  As we go in to 2020, we’re continuing to focus on our clients first.  Technology is changing fast making it increasingly difficult to understand its associated benefits and potential pitfalls.  As a result, we see our role with our clients as more than just a technology implementer but rather a technology solution partner.

Your Technology Solution Partner

For example, we’re pleased to offer solutions to manage password overload.  We’re making our clients more productive and agile by educating our clients on the capabilities of Office 365 and other platforms and implementing more and more features within the platforms.  While we’ve offered proactive management and maintenance of our client’s computer and network components for years, we’re expanding our use of automation to identify, catch and correct potential issues even faster, resulting in less downtime  As voice and data continue to converge, IT Radix has helped clients integrate line-of-business applications with their phone system and more.  We expect to be sharing more and more of our toolset with our clients to make managing their technology even better.

Security continues to be a high priority and our internal security controls are also expanding and improving.   IT Radix expects to extend these security practices, policies and tools to our clients as well.  Expect to hear more from us on how to improve your cyber security posture.

We know its our people who make the difference.  While our team members are already great at what they do, we will continue to develop individual skills and knowledge to stay abreast of technology changes in 2020 and beyond.  Simultaneously, we’re introducing some additional professional growth opportunities to ensure our future stays bright in the year ahead.

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First published in our January 2020 IT Radix Resource newsletter