Just like that New Year’s Eve kiss symbolizes a fresh start to the new year, your computer needs a fresh start too.  Pretty much since the inception of PCs, IT professionals have been advising users to restart them, but why?

The Benefits of Rebooting Computers

A lot of good things happen when we reboot our computers regularly.  Running programs get refreshed, system memory gets flushed and—possibly most importantly—updates get applied.  Most critical updates require that you restart your computer to complete their installation.  So, if you rarely ever restart your PC, these important updates are not getting applied.  Then, when you finally do get around to restarting, there could be so many updates pending that the reboot will take much longer than expected, or even require you to reboot more than once—costing you valuable time.

So, do yourself a favor and give your computer a fresh start periodically.  At IT Radix, we recommend rebooting your computer at least weekly to keep you secure and ensure that your PC runs at its best.

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First published in our December 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter