The holidays of Chanukah and Christmas are a time to come to together, to reflect on past times and traditions and to celebrate with family and friends.  The festival of lights or Chanukah celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple and the miracle of the lamp oil, which should have lasted one day but miraculously burned for eight.  Chanukah is an important tradition of the Jewish faith.  Likewise, Christmas is both a religious and cultural celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated by millions of Christians throughout the world.

Productive Meetings Make a Better Company

Similarly, in the spirit of coming together, it is important for team members to meet regularly as an organization to ensure its success.  While many consider meetings a time drain, meetings can enable better collaboration, strengthen your team, resolve issues, and boost creativity.  Since leaving the corporate world, I thought my days of meetings were behind me; however, over time I have come to realize that the right kind of meetings can and do make IT Radix a better company.  I thought I’d share some of what goes on behind the scenes at IT Radix to help ensure our clients’ success and satisfaction.

Just like the flames of the menorah candles share messages to those of the Jewish faith, the review of our core values at our monthly staff meeting reminds our team of our purpose—to help organizations succeed.  For example, our staff meetings give us time to reflect on what “Wow Service” means to us at IT Radix—it’s delivering service consistently and in a quality manner in addition to going above and beyond.  It gives us time to brainstorm and focus on ways to do this.  But our staff meetings aren’t all talk—sometimes we carve pumpkins, do fun brain challenges or just play a fun game which lets us flex our core value of “Have Fun.”  Each month we focus on at least one of our core values to better develop our team.  It is surprisingly difficult to bring the entire organization together, but these monthly meetings are well worth the effort.

But some things can’t wait a month to be discussed—here’s where our daily tech call really shines.  Our morning conference call gives the entire technical service team a chance to share knowledge, discuss thorny issues, or simply raise awareness about happenings with our clients, be it a technical issue or perhaps just information about their business.  It’s impossible for one person to know everything about a client or a particular technology.  By providing a guaranteed opportunity to raise a question or discuss client news, our team is better able to resolve issues as well as provide sound, consistent advice to our clients.  Many of our clients are unaware that we have this daily morning call; however, we know that this is a critical success factor and a differentiator between us and other IT companies whose teams operate in silos.

One of my favorite meetings is our semi-monthly marketing meeting.  It’s where we brainstorm about our upcoming marketing plans and this newsletter, which I often refer to as a labor of love.  I’m always amazed at the creative ideas that come out when a few of us get together to select a theme or topic to cover.

Most of us spend more waking hours at work with our IT Radix family than we’re able to with our busy family life at home.  So, it’s important that we sprinkle in mini celebrations throughout including “Rocks,” birthdays, client “WOWs” and more.  I believe all these things combined with our technical expertise, quality team and our sincere desire to help others make IT Radix a great place to work and to work with.  I hope you agree!

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First published in our December 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter