There are lots of wonderful things about hiking in the great outdoors.  The first is that those “outdoors” can be almost anywhere…down the street or way up the road!  Beyond that, there are many benefits of hiking.  The physical exercise improves your bones, balance and heart/lung health.  Your mental outlook too is improved because quality time moving through the open air reduces stress and anxieties of all sorts.  Your relationships also can improve if you grab a friend or partner and venture out together.

Hiking in a new or challenging area, especially in a “destination” location, is a different experience and offers unusual challenges compared to a short weekend hike in the local county park.  Enjoying new surroundings is wonderful, but the enjoyment can be enhanced greatly if you lean on the expertise of experienced trekkers who know the area, understand the risks and have specialized knowledge.

Hiring a guide will ensure that the group is safe getting from point A to point B without mishap and with a lot of fun along the way.  An experienced guide will point out interesting tidbits along the way keeping things fun and exciting.

IT Managed Services – Many benefits to hiring a guide that can help you with information technology

Taking on new technology is a lot like taking a hike in a new area.  Likewise, it makes sense for business owners and managers to lean on the expertise of a trusted professional to guide them, reducing risks and enhancing productivity. The benefits of hiring a guide to help you with information technology are many:

  • Focus – Allows you to concentrate your efforts on your core strengths and growth activities. Why bother wasting your time trying to figure out how to make technology work for you.  Leave it to an expert, and focus on your business.
  • Experience – An outsourced IT consultant has been exposed to numerous previous projects that in many cases apply specifically to your business and technical issues. Capitalize on that experience.
  • 2nd Opinion – Guidance from an IT consultant is like having another point of view on how you use technology. They might easily point out ways to optimize things further.  A second opinion is well worth it.
  • Cost – Paying for salary, benefits, workspace and all other expenses for a full-time employee can be very expensive. On top of that, it is hard for a lone IT manager to stay up to date.  Consultants cost less.
  • Security – With cybercrime increasing with each day and almost two thirds of attacks centered on small businesses, it makes sense to rely on an IT consultant who can accurately assess your vulnerabilities and provide security protocols. Security is important.
  • Efficiency – So many technologies exist now—both local and mobile—that can enhance staff productivity. Many are very specialized to certain industries and types of businesses.  An IT consultant can help wade through these, making you more efficient.
  • Training – Too often new technologies are purchased or brought in‑house, but no adequate staff training is put in place to ensure that the goals for purchasing it are accomplished. Instruction and training from the outside help to seat new technology more efficiently.
  • Morale – Keeping good employees on staff and motivated is important, and ensuring they have the tech tools they need to maximize the value they bring to the organization is key. Outside IT support can help ensure employee esprit de corps is moving forward.
  • Management – Have you ever had to manage a staff member who is responsible for something about which you know nothing? Outsourcing IT lets the executive team manage the process, not the employees.

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First published in our September 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter