Did you know that there are six different types of kayaks (depending upon who you ask)? Many might say, a kayak is a kayak, but to someone who is kayaking, the type of boat can make a big difference on the pleasure and ultimately, the success of the experience. The type of kayak you select depends upon the environment in which you will be paddling (e.g., on a river, ocean or lake). Just as there is a kayak for each environment or purpose, there are cloud solutions for different industries and environments.

So, what types of businesses will benefit from the cloud? Like kayaks, it’s not a one-size-fits-all model. With the advent of different cloud computing models such as multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, different models of cloud computing may better fit your organizations business needs. Let’s paddle over and take a closer look at the types of businesses that may benefit from heading into the clouds.

Businesses that depend on analytics and real-time reporting

Marketing companies, sales teams and financial service organizations rely on data, now commonly referred to as big data, to develop insights into their businesses or their clients’ business. Being able to aggregate multiple sources of data and create up-to-the minute reports and notifications is a huge competitive advantage. Cloud application integration and flexible computing resources enable collaboration and highly responsive resources.

Businesses with remote staff or multiple locations

Cloud solutions make it easier to support remote workers by giving access to tools and information remotely which results in productivity gains for all. Similarly, manufacturing and logistics companies can leverage cloud environments by synchronizing data from multiple sources or locations, making it easier to manage diverse supply chains and more. Cloud solutions can reduce capital expenses and slash operating costs that accompany maintaining multiple locations. Cloud solutions can also ease HR, product development and life-cycle management processes.

Heavily regulated business

Industries, such as healthcare and financial organizations, that must follow strenuous regulations have been understandably slow to move over to the cloud. These industries naturally have a fear of public cloud hosting putting their sensitive information at a higher risk of exposure and leaks. HIPAA and SOX requirements likely make compliance in the cloud seem even harder. At the same time, these organizations need to be responsive and adapt with shifting industry regulations which requires agility. Private or hybrid cloud solutions may be just the answer—allowing for more flexible administration and instant access to information such as client records. Additionally, cloud security has increased over the years in response to industry regulations.

Non-profits or organizations with limited budgets

Non-profits need technology to be efficient and effective at their mission; however, they often run on limited budgets. Cloud computing solutions can level the playing field making way for greater innovation and progress in the not-for-profit arena.

Like selecting a kayak for your journey, the cloud is no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. Cloud solutions are impacting every corner of the business world, including organizations of all sizes, needs and industries.

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First published in our August 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter