Since 2013, Green Vision Inc. has been recycling our clients’ electronic leftovers. Their motto is to Enhance a Life and Save the World which they achieve through their innovative program that teaches adolescent students and adults with developmental disabilities to dismantle and recycle electronic waste. While breaking down the e‑waste by hand, their staff learns valuable communication, problem solving, social and leadership skills. Not only do they feel a sense of accomplishment, they gain a tremendous amount of self-esteem.

During the dismantling process, the electronics are fractionated into their base components: plastic, metal, aluminum and even gold. They are then sent to local scrapyards, recycling hubs and refineries where they get ready to be transformed into something new. Who knows, it’s possible that your recycled computer could be part of your next car!

To learn more about the amazing things Green Vision does, visit them here.

First published in our June 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter