From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject: Breakfast…the Most Important Meal of the Day

Hungry yet? When we decided to make “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” our newsletter theme for the quarter, for me, it was a no-brainer. At IT Radix, we’ve enjoyed a lot of meals together as a company, with our clients or with our friends at a variety of events. Sharing food together allows us to relax a little and get to know and understand and appreciate each other better.

As we brainstormed on article topics, it was mentioned that Peter Drucker said that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This really struck a chord in me. While there is some truth to this statement, I believe that you need both culture and strategy to succeed. So, perhaps it would be better to say, “Culture and strategy need to go out to lunch together.” I know, for me, it’s been very important to build a strong culture at IT Radix based on a common set of core values that make us a unique and strong organization. At the same time, I worry that we are employing the right strategies to ensure both our own and our clients’ success. Technology is changing so rapidly and keeping up is a big challenge. Additionally, as a bit of a control freak, it’s been challenging for me to let go and trust that our team has things under control as we’ve grown. That’s where the strong culture and core values have really come into play. By working to ensure that our team understands and lives by our core values, I’m confident that our folks are well-positioned to help our clients succeed by delivering “Wow” service.

I love hearing from our clients about how great our team is and was especially touched when of one them shared, “IT Radix is hands-down our favorite vendor because they are simply great—not only to work with but more importantly to partner with.” So, each morning as I sip my tea and have a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast, I smile, knowing that for me, IT Radix is really a great place to work.

First published in our April 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter