As Stan Lee would say, “Face front, true believers!”

Cybersecurity can be hard to digest, which is why we’re turning to lessons from cartoons to make very technical topics more accessible to everyone. Verizon estimates that up to 90% of data breaches trace back to social engineering related attacks, such as phishing emails and carefully crafted scams.

Cartoons often take a serious message and translate it into a much more digestible format. Spiderman, for example, weaves a web to catch bad guys, much like a firewall or antivirus system would. Superman’s x-ray vision would reveal hidden gremlins within your network or malicious links disguised in a phony email.

By cultivating a mindfulness and awareness of the dangers that surround businesses in today’s online day and age, we can begin to see potential dangers and address them before data loss or a cyber security attack is executed. Think the next time you’re in doubt about an email. Give it an extra glance with your “x-ray” vision. You may be glad you did. Excelsior!

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First published in our January 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter