Graduating from Susquehanna University in 2015 with a degree in Business Administration, I have long been interested in all things IT and I’m known as the “go to” IT guy in my family.  With several years of job experience in the IT field, I primarily worked in different IT roles including Help Desk and System Administration.

As an IT Consultant at IT Radix, I monitor offsite backups, perform server maintenance, configure workstations and support clients with day-to-day issues.  I enjoy getting to know our clients and supporting them with their IT needs.  I pride myself on being able to show our clients that they are getting everything I have to offer along with the reassurance that they are always my first priority.

Dylan’s favorite quote:

“Let us engage in jolly co-operation!”

– Solaire of Astora

I hail from the rural lake town of Boiling Springs, PA, where there are plenty of open fields and lots of farms.  I grew up in an area where the pungent smell of the farm throughout the entire school was a common occurrence—a memory I would not trade for the world.  I now reside in Morristown but enjoy going back home to visit my family and three dogs whenever I can.  A true dog lover, I don’t have any dogs where I currently live but I’m more than happy to greet a friendly pooch that comes my way.  When not working, I enjoy spending time at the gym, building computers and playing guitar.  I have always had an affinity for music—playing the clarinet in school as well as the guitar just for fun.  My favorite music is jazz, and I am a big fan of trumpeter, Miles Davis.  I enjoy a variety of movie genres—action, comedy, drama, political thrillers, superhero/Marvel—but I’m not very fond of romantic comedies.  I also enjoy watching the Japanese animated series Dragon Ball Z, playing Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros, and keeping up with the latest and greatest tech news.

Dylan’s personal philosophy:  Life is a river, and I’m just going with the flow.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t paddle like hell when I have to.

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