A few years ago, the BBC published an excellent article posing the question, “Nature and Technology: Friends or Enemies?” It explored the relationship between nature and technology and some of the conflicts between the two that have arisen over the years. The amount of toxic waste generated by manufacturing and consumption is tremendous. IT Radix is proud to have been recycling electronic equipment since its inception 10 years ago. While we realize it’s just a drop in the bucket, every drop counts.

“We must stop seeing tech and nature as sparring partners, and start concentrating on helping them to dance.” — Molly Flatt

At the same time, the article reminds us that nature has been the inspiration for many technological advances as well as supports conservation and sustainability projects. For example, researchers are imitating viruses to deliver medication straight into cancer cells. And did you know butterfly wings were the inspiration for the super-efficient, reflective color of e‑reader screens? Technology is used for tracking animals in the wild or gathering weather data to ensure the longevity of endangered species. This same technology is also used to track our business fleets, map out more efficient distribution of goods and service and much more.The benefits of technology don’t stop with monitoring and information gathering. Technology has been used to connect people in times of natural disasters or to raise money and resources for crisis relief. Many non-profits are realizing that technology allows them to easily and more efficiently reach a larger donor pool enabling them to deliver more beneficial services.

Technology is also being used to design “green cities” and more. In a business environment, switching to more wireless technology requires less copper wiring and conserves one of our natural resources. Basically, technology is a great tool to have in our toolboxes to help solve the conservation problems of today.

One of the great concerns about technology is its addictive nature. Many people expect to always be connected even when they are hiking a trail or picnicking in our local parks. At IT Radix, we work and play with technology every day; and yet, many of us also enjoy being outdoors, learning about the natural world and exploring the world beyond our immediate environment.

As time marches on, the only thing that is sure is change. Technology and nature are evolving at a rapid pace. IT Radix, along with its clients, is continuously learning and improving to ensure that the technology we use, recommend, and support enables success. Learn more about how IT Radix befriends our community and environment here. Because, after all, it’s not just about us!

First published in our June 2018 IT Radix Resource newsletter