From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject: Unplug and enjoy nature!

Many of our readers know that we have a second home in Vermont that I really enjoy. We go up regularly all year round. I believe my love of Vermont started in my childhood running around in the woods of Cary, NC. We moved to Cary just as the Research Triangle Park area was starting to develop. As a result, we literally had miles of woods behind our home. My friends and I would walk the thin paths through the woods, play in the small creeks getting muddy, swing from the tremendous vines on “Monkey’s Mountain” as we dubbed it, and occasionally stumble upon a copperhead snake sunning itself. (Of course, we would turn tail and run whenever this occurred!) We had a great time just being kids. My family also occasionally visited Montana where my parents grew up. While there, my uncles and grandparents would take us to rivers and mountains that were tremendous in comparison to my experiences in North Carolina, strengthening my love of the outdoors.

Flash forward many years, now I crave my time in Vermont. In the winter, Doug and Alex ski while I hang out by the fireplace or go for a walk or cross-country ski with our dog. The rest of the year, we enjoy splashing in the river, going biking, or just sitting by the fire at night with our friends Steve and Sue. For the longest time, we had no Internet service at the house—just dial-up. Imagine! Completely unplugged. Now, we have DSL, and we’re able to stream TV, check email or even work there full-time. But I still like to unplug, clear my brain and just be…in fact, most of the newsletter contributions I write are created on one of our Vermont weekends. You don’t have to drive to Vermont to unplug. Now that summer is upon us, I encourage you to take advantage! Go outside, head to a local park and take a walk. You will enjoy spending a few moments in the sun, listening to the trees move in the wind, the birds singing, the critters scurrying or simply taking in nature.

First published in our June 2018 IT Radix Resource newsletter