From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject: Nature and Technology—Balance is Key!

I recently took my son to see the movie Ready Player One which takes place in the year 2045. It tells of a world where people prefer to spend their time in the “Oasis”—a virtual world where their imagination was their only limit. As I watched, I thought to myself, “Wow, what if this really comes to pass?” There was little to no interaction with nature, no signs of life other than people, no streams or parks.  As with most movies, there were villains, heroes, and the like. I won’t reveal the story but what was most satisfying to me was that in the end, the heroes intentionally turned off the “Oasis” two days a week to ensure that people connected with each other and the world around them.

Back in the present day, I’ve tested a few virtual reality rigs. While they were fun, they were nothing close to the “Oasis” and certainly cannot replace the real world. As we’ve tried to share in this month’s newsletter, I believe it’s about balance and using technology to improve the world we live in which includes our businesses or organizations. So, I ask:  How are you using technology in your personal life to make your home or perhaps the neighborhood you live in a better place? And what about your business? Are you using technology to be more efficient, effective? Perhaps it’s as simple as generating less paper waste within your company. I’d love to hear what you’re doing.

I, for one, enjoy getting outside with my dog and walking. I often listen to music I enjoy or take pictures of the local red-tailed hawk. I wouldn’t be able to do this without my mobile tech on my arm or in my hand—not quite the same as Ready Player One but a small step in that direction perhaps.

First published in our May 2018 IT Radix Resource newsletter