From the desk of: Cathy Coloff

Growing up as a kid, I don’t really remember playing many board games until I reached high school with the exception of Backgammon. We had a travel version of it that I would play with my family and friends on our sailing trips in the waters of North Carolina. Back then, the choices were much more limited. Recently, I was shocked to go to the toy store and see the array of choices there are today! I didn’t know where to begin and if you add in video games, I’m completely lost. I’m happy to see many of my favorites are still around and, hopefully, still enjoyed today.

Sometimes it feels that way when it comes to technology. The number of choices for just about everything has completely exploded—from the basics such as a keyboards and mice to actual software. If you search Google for something like note-taking software, you’ll find over 250 choices to choose from…crazy! One of the things we often do for our clients is to help curate the array of choices. Of course, it’s impossible for us to be familiar with every choice; but based on our experiences, we are often able to help clients select and implement strong technology choices. Once those solutions are in place, we love to help our clients better leverage themselves to make their business more productive, more efficient or more secure.

We recently had a 10-Minute Tech Talk about using technology to automate business. This is a secret pleasure of mine—I was thrilled when I enabled our line-of-business software to take an email message, create a service request that was attached to the client and create an activity to remind me to follow up. I had to create a basic workflow within the software and it has helped me avoid losing track of important activities which is easy to do with email. What can your software do for you? Think of it like a game and play to win!

First published in our February 2018 IT Radix Resource newsletter