One of the many things that we have learned about our business is that attention to detail, especially as it relates to client IT support, is paramount for long-term success.

When we first meet with a new prospect, we often ask a very simple question that goes something like this:  “If you had a magic wand, what problems with your information technology and computer networks would you like to see solved—like magic?”  We ask this question as one of many ways to fully understand how a prospect uses technology.  It helps us learn what is going right, what is going wrong, and how the prospect describes a more ideal future going forward.

When we first started asking this question, our expectation was that we would get meaty, detailed answers about the ins and outs of the clients’ networks.  We thought we would get technical answers.  However, what we found was something completely different.  We found that in most cases, our new prospects used their figurative magic wands not to address technical issues, but to address much more basic issues, much more human issues—usually issues dealing with the relationship the prospect had with their current IT provider.

The number one “magical solution” requested is usually that the prospect wants a much more responsive IT provider.

We recently brought on a new client that appreciated the fact that their IT provider called them back the same day, but did not appreciate that problems did not get addressed or solved for weeks.

Another very frequent “magical solution” that we hear from our prospects is that they wish their IT support team was in front of them more frequently discussing higher level strategic issues that will help them manage their business better and become more productive.  A number of our recent new clients had been working with some hardware and software that was in End-of-Life status from the manufacturers.  When we pointed this out to these prospects, they were shocked.

Wanting more technical standards or policies within their organization is another wish made by many of our prospects when they wave their magic wands.  Too often we run into businesses where the network of PCs they have include a variety of operating systems, some with 2GB of RAM, some with more, and all sorts of monitors.  In those cases, these prospects report that no one knows how to work on each other’s PC because of so much inconsistency and disarray.

At IT Radix, we believe our “X” factor is our attention to detail, especially as it relates to customer/client service.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we can help any organization to be more productive, compliant, secure and able to withstand a disaster.  But we get even more joy out of the non-technical, more human approaches we bring to IT Support.  We know we are not magicians, but we strive to be as magical as we can be!

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First published in our December 2017 IT Radix Resource newsletter