From the desk of: Cathy Coloff
Subject:  Summer Reading

Ah, summer!  What a great time to kick back, relax and grab a favorite book.  As a kid growing up, I devoured books—reading every chance I got.  I would get lost in the stories to the point that I missed the bus at school and, on one occasion, a train from New York to Vermont (not a good thing!).  As I’ve grown up, life and other commitments have limited my reading time; and now I find that I have to “make time” to read for pleasure.  That being said, I still love to read as do many of our staff.  You can learn more about their reading preferences on our website here:

These days, I tend to read more business books than fiction, and I’ve found that I really enjoy listening to both types as audio books in the car.  I also like the convenience of reading on my iPad whether it’s an iBook from Apple or a Kindle book from Amazon.  I used to have stacks of books everywhere in my home, but I’ve been paring down over the years with the advent of eBooks.  I miss the tactile experience of books, but I do like having the space back.  I’ve been resisting the urge to fill that space with other things (not easy!).

As I enjoy relaxing this summer, I’m going to download some books that have been recommended to me, so I’ll be well armed to lose myself in another world or life and perhaps at the end, have a new perspective on things.  Enjoy your summer reading!

First published in our July 2017 IT Radix Resource newsletter