Protect or purge digital files as you do important paper files. Sensitive materials such as hard drives, disks and memory cards should be shredded.

  • Clean out your old email and empty deleted folders. If you need to keep old messages, move them to an archive.
  • Delete or archive older files and outdated financial statements.
  • Unsubscribe to newsletters, email alerts and updates you no longer read.
  • Update your online photo album by deleting or backing up old photos.
  • Update online relationships by reviewing friends on social networks and all contacts lists.
  • Copy important data to a secure cloud site or other drive.
  • Password protect backup drives. Keep in a different location off the network.
  • Permanently delete all old files.

Stay tuned for more “digital” spring cleaning tips next month.

First published in our May 2017 IT Radix Resource newsletter