Zookeepers have one of the best jobs in the world—they get to play with animals every day!  Well, that’s not entirely true!  Most of a zookeeper’s day is spent preparing food for their animals, cleaning their habitats, and keeping an eye out for any unusual behavior that might indicate that their animals are not healthy and happy.  Likewise, when it comes to being a technology caretaker, we want to keep our computers healthy and happy; and there’s no time like the present for some “digital” spring cleaning:

Get started by making sure that all web-connected devices are squeaky clean:

  • Update software on all Internet-connected devices to reduce risks from malware and infections.
  • Keep mobile apps current, review permissions and delete unused apps.

Stay tuned for more “digital” spring cleaning tips next month.

First published in our April 2017 IT Radix Resource newsletter