Office 365 is helping this growing bookkeeping and controller services firm collaborate and share information from virtually anywhere.  Providing bookkeeping and controller services often required that our client get in the trenches and work at their client’s place of business.  As a result, our client needed a solution that kept information highly secure and yet accessible.  Enter Office 365 and its suite of solutions.

Most companies just scratch the surface with Office 365, using the hosted Exchange email and the productivity software.  However, Office 365 enables so much more.  By using SharePoint and OneDrive to centralize all the information, our client is able to pull up Excel spreadsheets, PDF invoices and more with ease.  Additionally, using the granular security permissions available in SharePoint, they were able to limit access to the appropriate team members on a need-to-know basis.  On occasion, they need to work offline but it’s no problem–OneDrive for Business syncs everything up once they get connected to the Internet again.

Office 365 has kept this bookkeeping and controller services firm nimble and highly productive.  Curious about how it can help you, give us a call today.