We recently welcomed another new client into our family of clients.  It’s a quasi-governmental agency in Morris County that has a great deal of responsibility in the areas of the environment and construction.  They called us one late afternoon because for no apparent reason their computers could no longer see each other and even worse, the computer for the top manager in the office could not access the Internet.  Our tech arrived on site the next morning, quickly diagnosed and then resolved the issues.  He followed up that day with a short list of recommendations of minor changes to their network that would enhance their ability to be more productive both in the office and on the road.

Seeing the benefit of these recommendations, we were requested to come back and implement the changes.  Wanting to avoid future issues and interested in a guaranteed response time, our client made a smart move and retained us for a set block of time, what we call “PowerUp Hours.”  Now, they can reach out to us quickly anytime to address issues minor and major—easy-peasy.  We look forward to a long and happy relationship with this client and are thrilled to have them aboard.