Recently, we welcomed another new client to our proprietary IT Management and Support program.  Previously our client had asked us to do a few things in their environment that they simply did not have time to address.  They were so impressed with our approach as well as the list of note-worthy items that needed review in their network.

The firm had three locations, a number of servers in each, and an employee who we would describe as an “accidental techie.”  His business card said “Sales Engineer” but due to the size and scope of the network, he had to spend up to 40% of his time on network issues—both proactive and reactive.  While he was good at it, his valuable time spent on internal IT really meant lost sales opportunities for the firm.  This specialty electrical distribution company has now retained IT Radix to manage their key network hardware, ensuring it is up to speed and working properly.

The management team expects to see two things from the relationship with IT Radix…improved network up time and more sales now that the “accidental techie” is focused on his primary job—sales engineering.