IT Radix is pleased to welcome a small, family owned and operated mechanical contracting firm to our client circle.  Their staff relies on their computers for a variety of key tasks including bidding, drawing, customer relationship management, accounting and a range of other items.  Previously, they relied on an old family friend who set up their system for their technology needs.

Their friend moved away and over time, they began to worry and wonder that their computer network was out of date and that their key data was not backed up.  Enter IT Radix.  The firm engaged us to allay those fears and to get a professional assessment of where and how they stood.

On our first visit with this firm we evaluated in detail all their key hardware and ensured that backups were accurate and working.  In addition, we identified a few very simple things they could do with their current systems to become more efficient and productive.  Subsequently, we followed up with a list, in priority order, of the key upgrades or changes for our new client to consider over the next 12 to 18 months…and we have already started to tackle some of these items.  So now, our client neither wonders, nor worries about their IT because they know the IT Radix team is watching out for them!