Recently, IT Radix proudly sponsored the Gratitude Dinner at FAMILYConnections in Essex county. The Gratitude Event included the participants and their families of FAMILYConnections’ addiction treatment programs. These programs such as Strong Mothers, Strong Fathers and Clean & Cool kids focus on those facing addiction issues. The cheers and excitement from the clients and their families was telling of the wonderful work that the staff at FAMILYConnections does.

Not only was a wonderful Thanksgiving meal served, but everyone was treated to family photos taken in the reading room recently donated by the Essex County Chapter of Jack & Jill. One lovely 7 year old immediately chose a book and read aloud to her mother. She was incredibly excited to learn that she could borrow the books just like a real library. IT Radix was pleased to be a part of this event and commend FAMILYConnections for all the important work that they do for members of our local community at all levels.