Does your IT guy hold the keys to the kingdom?  Such was the case with one of our latest clients and their in-house “IT guy.”  As it turns out, he had a medical emergency and was unable to work for over two months.  In the meantime, our client was suffering.  Their custom software would hang every day and they would have to wait until the next day to continue entering their work when the problem would somehow clear itself.  The backup wasn’t running (unbeknownst to them), the primary server was unpatched and unprotected from viruses, the project to migrate to a new server was completely stalled and the problems continued to grow.

Enter IT Radix…  We were referred by another happy client initially as a stop-gap support option while the situation with their in-house person was resolved.  Ultimately, he was unable to return to work and we continued on, completing the migration to a new server, handling day-to-day problems and computer issues that would crop up, and rolling out new computers and printers.  We’ve also begun implementing a managed service program to further stabilize their environment.  Additionally, we’ve taken over updating their custom software giving our client some much needed enhancements and reports.  Finally, we have documented their system so that now they hold the keys to their IT kingdom with IT Radix as their trusty knights at the round table.

Concerned that your sole IT guy holds the keys to your kingdom, ask us for a minimum recommended list of passwords today and protect the future of your kingdom.