caricature-pat-brennanMy general, all-around knowledge and ability to stay calm and listen when just about any issue comes up are key strengths I bring to the IT Radix team. With over 15 years of IT support experience, my current responsibilities include monitoring and managing all the alerts and proactive maintenance work we do on our clients’ behalf. I’m a great listener, and encourage our clients to speak up and share any issues and concern with us…“don’t be like the person that goes to the doctor and has nothing to ask.”

I’m a strong team player both in and out of the office! I have always had a love for sports—a big Yankee and Giants fan! Growing up in the Bronx, I was a huge fan of Yankee 3rd baseman, Craig Nettles. When I first started to play baseball as a boy, I confidently told the coach that I was playing 3rd (that first year I made an unassisted double play at 3rd). I spend most of my free time these days with my children in Wanaque, NJ. For the past 11 years, I have coached (or assisted) my children’s football, basketball, baseball, softball, lacrosse and wrestling teams. I’m their biggest fan! I am also on the Wanaque Little League board. These days, my favorite pastime is having a catch, shooting hoops and playing pool with my kids.

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