image-happy-clientsI’m sure most of you have seen the phrase “Your referral is the highest compliment.” Well, IT Radix really believes it.  One of our newest clients was the result of a referral from a former team member of one of our clients and we were so proud to have received it.  The fact that someone who we hadn’t worked with a number of years remembered and recommended was just terrific.

Why were we recommended?  Because of our client service.  This new client had experienced days of downtime and lost files.  Their current IT support company was a small firm who was, quite simply, in over their head.  Not every client is the right fit for every IT company and in this situation, this was the case.  Our client had outgrown their current IT support and needed a firm that could meet their busy and time-sensitive demands.

In addition, it is difficult for smaller IT companies to keep up with technology changes.  While they had selected a good technical solution, their inexperience with it was apparent.  The server was misconfigured which was causing in files to be lost or corrupt.  One of the great things about the IT Radix team is that one or two of our IT consultants can lead the way with learning a new technology and then they share their knowledge and experience during our regular group technical training sessions.  It’s a commitment to professional development that isn’t always easy to keep but at IT Radix, we feel it’s important to develop our team—for our team members themselves as well as our clients.

Concerned about knowledge and expertise?  At IT Radix, we’ve got it covered.  We’re grateful for the vote of confidence from our referrer…as a thank you, we’ve given a donation in their honor to a charity of their choice.  We’d like to take a moment now to thank our clients and friends who have referred us in the past.  We believe our core value of “Clients First” is the reason we’ve received these referrals and it reinforces our commitment to our clients.[code-snippet name=”hiding-blog-image”]