image-copydoodle-keyA new client joined IT Radix recently.  They happen to be in the security business—they provide security services to a host of retail establishments all over the northeast.  They had a need to upgrade their key business application software and wanted a trusted advisor to help them through that upgrade along with the 3rd party provider.

They chose IT Radix because another happy client of ours highly recommended us.  Along with helping the software upgrade along, this new client asked us to review their network and provide recommendations on enhanced security and optimization.  We have done so including installing new hardware devices to protect the network in event of a brownout or blackout as well as making network changes to enhance productivity.

Our new client is secure in knowing they are working with the best IT resource in IT Radix.  This allows them to provide their top-level security services to their clients.  So glad to have them onboard!
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