image-happy-buttonDoes this make sense to you?  You take your car to the same repair shop for many years.  You pay at hourly rates from the 1970’s, which is great.  But you also have to tell the mechanic what is wrong, identify parts that need replacement or to be repaired and you have to fix it.  Basically, you are paying for using the shop’s car lift and doing all the work.

Now, change the scenario a bit.  The industry is Technology and the auto repair shop is now the IT support company.  Well that was being experienced in the past by one of our newest clients.  And when the owner realized that, it did not make sense to her either.  She paid very little for support…and got very little in return.  This unique distribution company focuses on one industry and does very well in an extremely competitive market.  As a 3rd generation, family run business, relationships are important to them, and so they continued on with their less than optimal IT support for too long.  When the owner realized that her IT support company was not bringing anything to the table and that necessary proactive maintenance was not being done, she decided to make a change.

This new client came to IT Radix because they were impressed with our professionalism, attention to detail, commitment to ensuring clients are achieving their goals and a willingness to customize our approach to make things work best for their business.  We look forward to a very long and positive relationship with this terrific new client!
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