image-atomOne of IT Radix’s newest clients is an innovative specialty chemicals and natural materials provider. They manufacture high-quality materials used in the personal care, industrial and food/nutrition industries. Having up-to-date technology as a key driver of business efficiency and productivity is important to them. Technology investments they made were all intended to enable business growth. However, even though this company had engaged with one of the region’s most well-known IT companies, IT was an impediment to success, not a facilitator. “Unresolved problems and frustration” were the overarching themes that we heard when we first set down with the key decision makers of this company. Hearing that is difficult for us because at IT Radix, our core values do not allow us to have clients feel that way—it is an anathema to us.

They finally reached the end of their rope with their former IT support company when the answer to every problem encountered was invest more money. When management kept seeing money going out the door and problems remaining, it was time for a change.

They came to IT Radix because our complete and detailed approach to managing IT networks was a breath of fresh air. We are now helping this firm keep 7 servers and 32 users running at top capacity, including backup, anti-virus and user support. As this is a new relationship, we do not have a lot of other items to support. But, we can say that our new clients are so pleased to see our technical team when they show up onsite and are always very sorry to see them leave.
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