image-roadWe just welcomed another growing Marketing and PR firm into the IT Radix client family. This exciting firm offers a full range of public relations and other marketing services to a host of major firms in the pharmaceutical and other industries. Communications strategists and problem solvers, this agency has grown and as has their reliance on technology.

They had an excellent resource for their technology/IT strategy, consulting and support. But it was a sole proprietor who had moved on a new opportunity. His work was excellent; however, his unique and specialized knowledge of the company was not well documented. So, prior to leveraging our professional expertise, this business was in a quandary. Going forward, they wanted to be sure that they were employing best practices in technology especially as it relates to network documentation, security, and business continuity planning. That is why they came to IT Radix.

The customers of this client rely on them for a large portion of their marketing investment. So, they need to ensure they can meet client needs without interruption. IT Radix is happy to be supporting this exciting organization in a number of ways including network analysis and documentation, ongoing support and other strategic consulting services. We expect that with our help this client can successfully focus on their clients’ needs without hiccups and continue on its road to success and growth.
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