image-technology-humanity-connectAdvancements in social media and mobile technology have forever changed the way we interact with each other.  We expect communication to be quick and to the point.  Breaking news is quickly tweeted and shared in under 140 characters.  People depend on calendars and alerts on their smartphones.  The rate that people consume content on their mobile devices is astounding:  Google searches, YouTube videos, blog posts.  Ten years ago, we never would have envisioned the extent of our connection to mobile technology.  Where is the humanity?!?!?

Today, people are connected more than ever before.  In fact, the majority of humanity is connected to one another through technology in one way or another.  However, people still naturally long for that human connection.  A smart business uses technology to build human relationships.  In fact, the current trend in marketing focuses on social media and the importance of delivering the human experience.

As technology improves, it has become more and more humanistic.  Apple’s Siri mimics human interaction through smart conversation/humor and voice/accent options.  The “Hey Siri” and fingerprint security features of the iPhone 6 brings additional human elements to the user interface.  Google attempts to understand our behaviors and customize our experience through pop-ups based on recent searches and related topics, allowing it to deliver more relevant information and content to better connect with users.

IT Radix strives to show our human side through our website’s caricatures and non-stuffy marketing.  We strive to humanize IT, which is typically considered a dry, “techy” subject.  Our client, Grey Sky Films, are experts at incorporating videos to add a “human element” to their marketing approach.  People can experience their personality even before arriving at their office through their website’s video-based directions and staff bios.

Good things happen when technology and humanity connect!

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