Internet Safety Tips for Parents

How to Keep Kids Safe Online
In today’s climate, is there anything more prevalent than the Internet? In fact, we’ve grown so accustomed to using it that the Internet now seems to help us meet any need or want. Unfortunately, we don’t often think about the effect that has on our kids, who have never known a world without this level of technology.

Is Social Media a Force for Good or Evil?

We like to think that social media is an excellent tool—when used in a smart and focused way. Social media platforms offer a great way to keep clients, colleagues and friends informed and entertained. They can also keep an organization top of mind with key constituencies while strengthening connections and making them more frequent.

Marketing your SMB with Pinterest

Last October, Pinterest launched its first paid advertising service, “Promoted Pins,” which is geared toward large enterprises. Recently, a similar product named “DIY Promoted Pins” was released for small- and medium-sized businesses. This shows how popular social media has become in helping to establish an online presence for your business, and here are some tips […]