image-made-to-stickHave you ever been to an event where so much information and knowledge that you wished your head was a sponge that could just soak everything in? I recently had that opportunity and boy, was I lucky! I thought I’d share over the next few weeks some of my takeaways.

First up was Dan Heath, the author of Made to Stick. Do you want stickier client relationships? Want your ideas understood and adopted? I know I do so I was intrigued.

Dan’s advice: SUCCES.

S = Simple: Keep it simple! It’s the simple things that make you, your business and your ideas standout.

U = Unexpected: Go beyond the expected.

C = Concrete: Specific is terrific! Being vague inhibits understanding and being specific gets your idea across quickly and easily.

C = Credible: Don’t just say it, prove it, show it.

E = Emotion: Human being care. Tap into that emotional element and connect.

S = Stories: Share your ideas and services through stores and analogies.

Having a good idea and services is not enough–many go nowhere because they weren’t communicated well. The power is in making it stick.

I’m looking forward to developing even sticker relationships with our clients in the years to come.

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