image-surround-yourselfDonna Miller, owner of C3Workplace, recently said at her amazing Small Business Week Celebration, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” My takeaway — pick carefully who you spend time and make sure they’re great.

I’m lucky at IT Radix because I’m surrounded by really great people. Some I’ve had the honor of knowing and working with for over 20 years and others are relatively new to our team but each of them is great in their own quiet way.

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of good and bad technology situations — from a client’s location burning to the ground to lost data as a result of ransomware attacks to failed hardware. Our team is great at responding to these crises and working to get our clients operational again as quickly as possible.

Each day, our team members step up to a wide variety of challenges put before them. But not everything is a big crisis. For example, Melissa ensures that our clients’ Office 365 subscriptions are accurate and exactly what they need. Joe and Amy are constantly managing all our client service tickets and requests. Tracy is looking for critical alerts related to our clients’ server and network equipment. Kris ensures that our clients’ domain names don’t expire which is surprisingly easy to miss because the notices often end up mixed in with junk email. John, Chris, Will and Dan check our clients’ backup and threat protection status everyday — every day! Other than brushing your teeth, what do you do every day without fail?

Because we do the small things consistently well, I can confidently say, we’re great….we’re not just firefighters but also the fire marshals of the computer technology world, ensuring our clients’ IT needs, seen and unseen, come first.

So as you go about your workday — look around you and make sure you’re surrounded by great people, just as I am because they inspire you to elevate yourself and be as great as you can be.

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