image-computers-handshakeIT Radix welcomes another new client to its growing roster of companies interested in ensuring that the technology backbone of their business is up to date, secure and running at a high level of effectiveness and efficiency. This latest client is a multi-location transportation and logistics company based in the Mid-Atlantic region. It has been successfully servicing its customers across a multitude of industries over the course of 30 plus years. They are committed to ensuring their customers are operating at full potential using up-to-date and efficient transportation solutions.

Sounds similar to the IT Radix approach to the business of technology implementation and IT support, making us a great match for this client. Up until working with IT Radix, this client has an over 20-year relationship with an outsourced IT provider which gave them top-notch and professional expertise and kept them up to date. That person made a decision to retire and so they were looking for another great and long-term relationship. When they found IT Radix, they knew that was the way to go. Glad to have them on board!

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