caricature-marybeth-smithAs COO at IT Radix, I’m responsible for a wide-range of activities: operational oversight, business planning, continuous process improvement, managed service agreements, and HR.  I’m always available to work with clients to resolve specific issues or concerns.  As with all of us here at IT Radix, my most important goal is to make sure that every client has a quality experience.

I have 25+ years of business background specializing in finance, operations and project management—first as a VP with Manufacturers Hanover and The CIT Group and then working with small businesses as an advisor and business manager.  I excel at getting things done successfully and profitably.  I have managed operations for corporate mergers and reorganizations and led major systems implementations.

Truly passionate about smooth-running business operations and well-planned projects, I like to look ahead for various outcomes.  I’m a great planner and have a knack for visualizing potential pitfalls.  Of course, not all problems can be foreseen, but I love the challenge of fixing the problem and getting everything back on track.

When not working, I enjoy volunteering as the Cultural Arts Coordinator at my son’s school. I enjoyed a childhood filled with music and arts—something that I strongly believe sticks with you when you’re exposed to it at an early age. Fun for me is all about family and friends—an evening spent laughing is the best antidote to a day’s worth of stress! An avid reader, I read everything I can get my hands on—books, newspapers and magazines. I also enjoy traveling and gardening.  My favorite place to be is at the beach with my family. A self-proclaimed “city girl” with roots in NYC and Boston, I now enjoy life in the Jersey suburbs with my husband and three great kids!

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