image-cinderella-circleGot your attention?

Well, as we recall her story, Cinderella did a lot of cleaning! In our business, we do a lot of “virtual cleaning” as it relates to computers and computer networks. This can involve helping organizations create easy-to-use electronic filing systems so that users can easily save and find files on servers or in the cloud. We also “clean” up computer systems daily by ensuring anti-virus solutions are up to date, that old or temporary system files are deleted…and on and on. A clean computer network is more likely to be an efficient and productive computer network.

But sometimes we also do some “physical cleaning” of computer networks and switches. Take a look at the before and after pictures here of some work we recently did in the server room of one of our clients. We think Cinderella would be proud of our work! Now…off to the Ball!

 image-network-cables-before.png  image-network-cables-after.png

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