Tom is the resident Virus Guru here at IT Radix. Truth be known, we have some great virus techs here, but all of them learn from Tom.

No computers (not even Macs) are impermeable to viruses. Anti-virus software available today is just a piece of the puzzle. It’s not a 100%, clear-cut solution.

Thousands of new viruses are distributed every day, and something is bound to slip through the cracks. And, when they do, viruses aren’t easy to remove. They require going into the coding of a computer, and doing some fancy footwork. Tom prides himself on his reverse engineering skills—digging deep into the virus code to determine how it runs and how to effectively remove it.

With a dad as a hardware technician and a mom as a programmer, Tom has literally grown up with computers—programming since middle school and web developing in high school. His expertise is debugging applications and scripting. He’s also played a strong role in the development of our internal processes and procedures.

When not working with computers, Tom enjoys watching movies and hanging out with friends. He is a huge fan of the videogame, StarCraft, a real-time strategy video game based on a plot which is a hybrid of military and science fiction. Tom remains a long-term resident of north Jersey where he resides with his family.