image-online-justiceIT Radix is pleased to introduce one of our valued clients, Ross and Ross. A client should never feel like it is a burden to one of their vendors or business partners, but that is exactly how Ross and Ross felt when they were working with their previous IT support firm. They felt like their previous IT support company had grown too big—whenever Ross and Ross called for assistance, they felt like they were hassling them. To us, that makes no sense, and is likely why we are a good match for Steve Ross, his father and the rest of the team at Ross & Ross.

When we initially got involved in their network, we found there was a good amount of what we call “housekeeping” that needed to be done in order to make their network run more efficiently. Additionally, Spam email was a problem for a number of users. We put software in place to address these issues and also fixed a number of other problems. Now the office is running at full speed, and we are happy to take their calls…anytime. Although, we hope that the proactive changes we’ve made and our attention to ongoing maintenance will reduce their need to reach out for support as often as they previously needed to. Our clients are never a burden to us! To find out more about Ross and Ross, visit:

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