image-flowers-laptopOur newest client is a major player in the consumer goods category.  They sell their own products online through their own website, as well as through major retailers like Target, Costco and Wal-Mart.

Their decision to move to working with IT Radix instead of continuing to work with the incumbent IT company was based on a number of factors, particularly our attention to detail as well as our solid reputation and location.  What we found once we got onsite and began working on their network was interesting to us as well as the client.  We found that while they thought they were getting top-notch service from a “well known” name in IT support, they were not.  They were running machines that had operating systems that were no longer supported, their patches and updates on their servers and workstations were woefully out of date, and their network was running slow due to poor cabling and old switches.  Additionally, they had recently purchased another new server, and it was installed with little regard to industry best practices.  Sadly, the client was unable to leverage the strengths and benefits of this new server hardware, which was a large financial investment.

Needless to say we are addressing all these issues and enhancing their productivity in major ways.  Lesson learned:  just because your organization is very large or you are working with a well-known supplier/vendor/partner, it may not mean you are getting the best advice and service that you deserve.  If you think you might not be getting all you deserve, we would love to talk with you.  Give IT Radix a call today!