image-large-file-shutterstock_130237826It seems that there is a wealth of options for sharing large files over the Internet these days. From browser-based services like WeTransfer or JustBeamIt, to cloud storage drives like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, it is almost as though there are too many to choose from! With the need to share larger files becoming more predominant, gone are the days of simply attaching files to an email—or are they?

Enter our new favorite tool: the ITR Cloud Reflection Outlook Plugin. ITR Cloud Reflection is our cloud file sync-and-storage solution. One of the tools included is an add-in to Outlook which allows users to securely send large or small files with a variety of options. You can easily attach files from your local computer or from ITR Cloud Reflection team shares—all from the same tool on your Outlook email ribbon. Now, sharing important files is a breeze, and you are no longer limited by file size!

First published in our February 2015 IT Radix Resource newsletter