We’ve all (or almost all) become reliant on our smartphones for so much that we take them everywhere. And now that summer is here and we are outside more, we’re happy to share some tips about Smart Summer Sense for Smartphones:


No Sun

  • Okay, we are not recommending lathering up your device with sunblock, but we are advocating exposing your phone to as little sun as possible. Sun and high heat exposure can negatively affect the battery and ruin the display. Our recommendation: Shade!

No Sand

  • As much as you love tossing off those sandals and flip flops and feeling those fine grains of Jersey Shore sand in between your toes…your phone hates it. In fact, your phone’s glass is built to withstand a lot, but its worst enemy is sand. If sand gets inside any of those little holes…it is like the Trojan Horse!

No Water

  • Ah, the healing effects of salt water, let alone pool water, on our skin in the summer are wonderful. As you might imagine…not so for your phone.   So keep your phone in a secure, watertight container.  A Ziploc bag is the cheap choice, but there are plenty of options online or at electronics retailers. If you do expose it to water, you can try placing it in a bag of rice to absorb it. But if you want a professional alternative, reach out to TekDry or DryBox services.   No heat, no hairdryers!   And while you are at it…don’t bring the phone into the water closet either, we hope we do not have to explain that any further.

Enjoy the summer and show some smart sense with your smartphone!