1. Allow employees to work from home. With gas prices soaring and employees traveling more than ever, the “virtual” office is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Allowing employees to work virtually from home or on the road will not only increase productivity, but also save you (and them!) on gas. Some companies are allowing employees to work from home one day a week as a perk, and many company owners enjoy the ability to work after hours and on weekends without having to trudge into the office.
  2. Have your network maintained remotely. Thanks to major advancements in virtual technologies, we can remotely access your computer network to perform regular maintenance and enforce sleep-mode settings, hard disk spin rates, CPU shutdown schedules, and more, to keep idle equipment from sucking loads of unnecessary power after hours. Not having to drive to our clients’ offices to perform repairs and maintenance not only means faster support for them, but also a lot less gas burned!
  3. Purchase energy-efficient PCs, servers, copiers and printers, and properly recycle old equipment. Hardware manufacturers are constantly coming out with “greener” alternatives. In some cases, energy use is cut by 25% or more! New high-efficiency printers use far less ink and toner, which means fewer cartridges piling up in landfills. And remember, never throw old devices in the trash! We can connect you with dozens of organizations that will gladly recycle your old PCs, monitors, laptops, PDAs, and cell phones!