CHANGE! Change is difficult. Change interrupts the status quo. Likewise, when a new client engages with your organization or business almost everything you do with or for them is different than the way they did it before. There are new people to meet, new policies, new phone numbers, new emails, new departments, new schedules…and so on and so on. In the spirit of Kaizen, how might your business channel that difficult interruption in the status quo into one that embraces good change?

One innovative way to do just that would be to employ the power of video and even perhaps a YouTube Channel to help your organization more easily assimilate and engage with new clients. Here are some reasons to consider unlocking the power of video when onboarding new clients:



  • People are used to getting information via video these days. In fact, videos are actually preferred over the written word.
  • Videos allow you to “show” rather than just “explain” all that you do for your clients.
  • Difficult-to-understand concepts can be more easily communicated using visuals.
  • Producing a variety of short videos facilitates sharing key topics with the organization. Introducing short “snippets” of information promotes understanding and retention of information by the new client.
  • Videos save time! They can reduce the amount of questions that a new client asks and can shorten the onboarding timeline.
  • Videos are easily accessible and can be viewed by a new client on their computer, tablet, or smartphone—whenever and wherever!
  • Videos can be referenced easily again and again—anytime by anyone at the new client’s organization.
  • Videos can be used by almost any kind of organization—businesses that are highly visual and hands on (e.g., contracting firms) as well as businesses that are less visually intense (e.g., accounting firms).
  • Delivery of information is easy! Video links can be easily shared with new clients via email.
  • New clients will get to meet more members of your organization if staff members are presenters in all or parts of the videos.
  • Producing and sharing videos reinforces to the new client that your organization is unique, forward thinking and interested in new ways to communicate.

Our client and colleague, Grey Sky Films, has been in the business of helping organizations of all types harness the power of video in a host of ways. In fact, Chris Vaglio, Co-founder and Director of Business Development, offered these additional insights on this topic: “It is always important to keep your message simple when using video. Do not try to cram too much into one video. Put yourself into the shoes of your new clients. Most people look at a video’s duration before playing, to determine the “time investment” on their end. Keep it short and engaging—ask questions or provide fun facts that they will remember.“

So, there you have it! A Kaizen idea on how to improve your business and facilitate new client onboarding by leveraging the power of one of the most easy-to-use and easy-to-share communications vehicles of today—VIDEO!

First published in our December 2014 IT Radix Resource newsletter