image-cloud-filesStare up at the sky to watch cloud formations and one thing is for certain, the formations will change. So too are there many changes in the way files can be shared. Our point of view is that most of these changes are “good changes.” Cloud based file sharing can eliminate the need for Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to be set up for employees to access/share files when remote.   And with a 100% cloud sharing solution, it can allow an organization to eliminate a physical server on premise.   But doing it right, can be complicated. We recommend you allow the professionals at IT Radix to help.

Cloud file sharing applications can protect against lost or deleted files. But it is not a full replacement for a solid onsite and offsite backup program. That is because sync/share solutions focus on usability and performance while backup solutions focus on security and reliability. How backup and sync/share software programs are developed are fundamentally incompatible in approach. “Sharing” is almost the opposite of “Securing.” In particular, database files such as QuickBooks cannot be backed up by sync/share software. Enterprises want to protect ALL their data-–using backup, but only want to share SOME of their data—using share/sync. One thing’s for sure…more changes to come!

First published in our October 2014 IT Radix Resource newsletter