Superheroes take advantage of their special powers to improve a situation or an outcome. The same is true in business—most businesses use computer technology and the Internet to improve their services and products. Employees of all types are using computers more and more to perform their daily job responsibilities. Maybe it’s time to consider employee monitoring…

What most business leaders must understand is that their business is not always moving forward because their staff may waste precious business time doing unnecessary things on their computers. It is in these instances that monitoring software can intervene. In the words of Professor X from the X-Men, “Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. Sometimes, we all need a little help.” Investing in employee monitoring software is just the help businesses need. The monitoring software gives your business telepathic powers to see into your employee’s computer use, help them stay focused and improve their actual computer usage.

There are a host of benefits for organizations that invest in such a program including:

Increased Productivity – The biggest payoff from monitoring is heightened productivity due to fewer mistakes. Monitoring systems can shed light on where certain folks are going wrong and guide you on where more training is required. It can also easily identify where misinformation is coming from, so mistakes are not remade.

Motivated Employees – Employers rarely think of this, but when employees know monitoring is in place, it encourages them to focus on their work, work more efficiently and motivates them to improve. Monitoring software not only finds mistakes, but identifies when workers excel, which allows employers to reinforce and reward such behavior.

Reduced Downtime – Monitoring software can do more than track activity; it can also block access to time wasters such as websites and games that have nothing to do with business. It ensures workplace computers are used for business purposes.

Reduced Technology Risk – Information technology staff productivity can be enhanced since monitoring software can help them to become aware of potential threats such as viruses and other malware.

Increased Security – Another benefit often overlooked with employing monitoring software is the increase in company security. These systems can reduce risks such as: software piracy, unauthorized access to company files, sabotage and even more benign things such as too much time spent using company computers, office supplies and time producing materials for personal or private use.

IT Radix believes that more organizations should consider employing monitoring software. Policies should be put in place to ensure appropriate use of the monitoring software. We also highly recommend that employees be informed of the use of these programs. For those organizations that take greater control of their key business equipment and employee time, many rewards will come. So consider using employee monitoring software in your organization. You will be happy with this silent superhero.

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First published in our September 2014 IT Radix Resource newsletter