image-three-superherosIn the 80’s, Bonnie Tyler’s hit song said, “I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night.” While we may not be super heroes at IT Radix, over the years we’ve had the honor of helping out our clients when disaster strikes.

Case in point: September 17, 2012. It started out as a regular Monday morning until we received the call that a potential client had a server down.  Armed with little information about the prospect’s environment but possessing a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise, our brave technical consultant went in and sized up the situation. 

While the server was irreparable, there was still some life in the hard drives.  Our new client explained, “We heard occasional clicking noises, but thought nothing of it.”  Our tech was able to backup their data (sadly they had none prior to our arrival), built a new loaner server for them and restored their data so that they were back in business in a day’s time.   Disaster averted!  

We then helped the client acquire a new server that had more robust hardware and transitioned their newly rebuilt server to it with no additional downtime during business hours.  To avoid this in the future, we set the client up with our proactive monitoring and maintenance plan including two levels of backup— all in a day’s work.

Fast forward a few short months and recall Hurricane Sandy.  Multiple emergencies in progress. IT Radix is on the scene.  First up: A company that needs to get their payroll out to their nationwide personnel.  Making use of our generator, we were able to fire up our client’s system and push their critical data through.  Next case, perhaps not so extreme yet vitally important, the two principals of a law firm were about to head out on a trip and needed a subset of files during their trip.  Alas, their network was down and expected to be out for days.  Utilizing their laptop, our team was able to restore the necessary files from their online backup and their trip was all systems go.  In a couple of instances, we physically relocated our clients’ equipment and set them up in alternate facilities until the crisis was over.  Throughout the next two weeks, our team of technology superheroes tirelessly reached out to each and every client every day until their computer systems and services were restored. Here at IT Radix, we believe a superhero’s job is never done.

Our most recent case was an insurance agency. Unbeknownst to them, the tenant above their office had installed a private bathroom over their server room. Our contact arrived to a shower in their room that took out much of their network equipment and required emergency action to save their numerous servers. Over the next few days, our team worked with our client to protect their equipment, replace/repair the damaged equipment and keeping their users operating. While we prefer to be proactive with our clients, sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. When disaster strikes, you can count on IT Radix to save the day!

First published in our July 2014 IT Radix Resource newsletter